What is a Life/Health Coach And Why You Need One



After years of dreaming of a way to combine my social work degree and mental health background with my passion for health and fitness, Wholistic Living is born!  An exciting adventure is beginning, the possibilities seem endless and there is an awakening of my spirit that I know will help others to grow.  I want you to be a part of it.

What is Professional Coaching?

I think it’s important to understand why someone would need one and then define what a professional coach actually does.  As I talk about on my website (www.shelbyjohn.com), we live in a fast-paced, disease-ridden, overweight, overstressed, overmedicated and over tired world.  There are so many things pulling on us that it becomes difficult to think clearly and even to make rational decisions about everyday challenges.

We get “stuck”, not because we don’t have good resources or we aren’t educated; we get stuck in our own thinking and feelings about ourselves or our current situation whether its family, financial, spiritual or health related.  People are fighting the quicksand all the time.  The reasons are many and varied, including lack of knowledge in specific areas, failure with the latest fads, overwhelmed with the expectations of families today, lack of vision for yourself, your family your career, etc., lack of support from loved ones, or just plain exhaustion.

Coaching has been going on since the beginning of mankind where one person advises another on improvements in specific areas of their lives.  It’s different than teaching a skill or technique though, because coaching encourages individuals to look inside themselves, explore their own inner strength and wisdom and use that to build confidence.  This is what creates change.

Coaching has taken off as a profession and is being used by celebrities, CEO’s, and many busy people when they find it hard to maintain balance and joy in their lives. It is amazing the changes that are being made when a person seeks out a coach to help in corporate development, health and wellness as well as general life issues.

Wholistic Living Coaching Services

In developing Wholistic Living, I realized that although my deep passion is in health and wellness, inner wisdom and change involves so much more than just helping someone create a meal plan or lose weight.  This is why I have decided to give myself the Life/Health Coach title.  I believe my best service to all individuals is a great combination of helping clients deal with their most prevalent issues at any given time, healing past traumas and developing good community and social relations in combination with focusing on the individual’s personal dreams, desires and goals.

My services will be individualized and personal based on each clients’ presenting concerns, willingness to move forward on each issue and the pace at which they would like to proceed.  Coaching is goal oriented and focused, but the client is always the expert.  Each session will end with at least one or two action steps to attend to before the next meeting.

Unlike traditional talk therapy, I have the ability to be flexible.  We can meet in my office, in your home or any other location you feel comfortable and I will provide email and telephone support throughout the process in between appointments.   When clients are ready to take more aggressive action steps like pantry clean outs, meal planning, starting an exercise regime and involving their families in the process, I will support each of these needs and look forward to the process.

How to Get In Touch With Me

An exciting adventure is beginning and I want you to be a part of it.  If you, or someone you know, is stuck, or maybe just concerned about getting stuck, or would like to improve your already good health with a few tweaks here and there, please contact me to schedule an appointment.

Please visit my website at www.shelbyjohn.com, and from there you can contact me for an appointment.  Also, be sure to add your name and email address in the box so you will receive all of my communication, don’t miss a post.  From the website you can visit and like me on Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest and please invite your friends to like the pages as well.  I look forward to coaching you into great health, clean living and a stronger, more confident sense of self!

So let’s not get tired of doing what is good.  At just the right time we will reap a harvest of

blessing if we don’t give up.”  Galatians 6:9