15 Snacks for Busy People


It’s 3:00 and your stomach is growling.  The salad you had for lunch is long gone by now and you have been too busy to even think about finding something healthy to hold you off until dinner.

You start to feel a little drowsy and you have a slight headache.  You reach for a soda or cup of coffee to help ward off those symptoms and find yourself grabbing candy from your neighbors desk or vending machine snacks.

When you finally get home or get done with homework you begin filling up on whatever you can find at home, ingesting gobs of unnecessary calories, not to mention excess chemicals and preservatives.

By the time you finally get to making and serving dinner you may not even be hungry anymore because of all of the nonnutritive snacks you have filled up on during the afternoon.

The solution is being prepared with snacks ahead of time!  With just minutes of preparation you can have a weeks worth of healthy snacks at your fingertips ready to throw in your bag for work, your car or wherever you are busy doing the things that make your world go round!

The trick is to always have things with you or ready to go in the fridge when you walk in the door so you never have to eat your kids Cheetos again (hopefully your kids aren’t eating Cheetos either).

This is a list of 15 simple snacks anyone can prepare for their busy lives.  Modify them to your taste of course and use this list as a jumping off place to create even more ideas for healthy snacks using things you love.

Don’t get caught in front of the vending machine again.  Its too simple to have healthy options to nosh on, your friends will be begging for your ideas when they see how energized you are in the afternoon.

Let me know what you think.  If you have any other ideas that you would like to see on this list send them my way.  Enjoy.

A simple list of snacks to help you have healthy options in your busy life.