With D5 Maverick 4, the wilderness becomes a playground. This isn’t just a vehicle; it’s a testament to rugged design and engineering mastery. Tailored specifically for outdoor enthusiasts, every facet of Maverick 4 screams adventure. Its elevated chassis rises above challenges, while the advanced shock absorbers effortlessly tame the roughest terrains. Beyond its tough exterior, features like a multi-functional touchscreen and an impeccable sound system ensure that while you’re conquering the wild, you do so with unmatched style and comfort.

Available In Multiple Colors !

-Mineral White

-Black Sapphire (1 In Stock)

-Flameco Red

-Mediterrane Blue

-Arctic Grey (1 In Stock)

-Portimao Blue

-Lime Green

-Sky Blue

● 48V 110AH Lithium Battery
● 6.3KW Motor With EM Brake
● 400 A, AC Controller
● 25A On-board Charger
● Top Speed  25mp

2024 Evolution Maverick 4 Black




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